Take Advantage of Facebook Followers to Boost Your Consulting Business

Written by  on September 15, 2012 

It seems that everyone’s discussing Facebook “likes.” If you’re a newcomer to Facebook, or just a casual user of Facebook, you might not know, or completely understand what exactly a Like is. Read this post and you will then learn all about them.

The analysis gathered data using thousands of top keywords, tens of thousands of websites, and millions of shares, links and tweets. The ranking sites’ material included millions of Facebook comments, billions of Likes and over a billion shares. The goal was elementary: Which aspects are essential these days to achieve top ranking in Google search listings?

According to the data, social signals associate heavily with high rankings. Many of the top six signals are social, including Facebook comments, Facebook shares, Facebook Likes, and tweets. Backlinks are the only non-social ranking aspect in the highest six. Google+, Facebook and Twitter now clearly correlate with good search rankings in Google’s searches. For this reason many people buy Facebook likes and followers to get more traffic to their business website. Below are a handful of additional central features from the study.

Up until recently Facebook had a “Become a Fan” choice. That choice has evolved to Like. Facebook’s reasons involving this transformation was to better your experience and promote uniformity throughout the site — so they modified the language for pages from “Fan” to “Like.” Facebook thinks this change gives you a more lightweight and standard means to connect with people, topics and things in which you are interested.

Start a Consulting Business

Start a Consulting Business

Too much ads may be harmful. Pages with excessive ads have a more challenging time reaching superior rankings. This makes sense, since earlier in 2012 Google reported that it would reprimand sites displaying too many ads at the top of the page. The analysis found that both AdSense and Adblocks had a negative impact on Google search engine positioning.

The take away could this be: Social media is having an extremely powerful influence on Search engines. In handling a business, your first step should be to create distinctive and prime quality content material for your web site. Subsequently, circulate it all through the social media channels you have developed.